Impact Visionary

Carmen Morcos

As a first generation American with Bolivian and Syrian parents, and through my education at Georgetown (MBA, MSFS – Master of Science in Foreign Service), my view of the world is informed by multiple paradigms. After my traditional academic studies and time spent working, I began a deep dive into various contemplative practices and became certified as a: 

For 15 years, I’ve worked in finance and the international social justice field in New York, Chicago, and Bolivia. Throughout my career, I saw my friends and peers start out hopeful and energized as they pursued their passion. But over time, they grew weary and lost sight of the very thing they set out to create– a rich human life. This motivated me to become a coach.

I help Passionate Humans come back into their power and recognize their innate abilities. How do I do this? Through my Human Capital Program for Human Investment Hubs, my Passionate Human Program for Individuals, and Conference Design for Humans.

I will help you take back your life, one day at a time.