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The Human Capital Assessment

I come into your space (or do a virtual assessment) and look deeply into the humanity of your organization– your Human Investment Hub. I look at how you are (or aren't) investing in your greatest asset– human beings. This will include some combination of interviews, staff surveys, focus groups, and culture research. Are your humans healthy, motivated, and engaged? Has their potential been fully ignited– or are they burned out? I then deliver a Human Capital Assessment– a strategic recommendation that will uplevel your Human Investment Hub and the Passionate Humans that make it up.

Free 45-Minute Call


The Human Capital Program: A

6 Months

  • 3 Experiential Workshops 

  • Coaching of 1 Human Investor (Hub Creator or Facilitator)

  • Group Coaching for 6 Passionate Humans (Visionaries in-network)


The Human Capital Program: B

12 Months

  • 6 Experiential Workshops

  • Coaching of 2 Human Investors (Hub Creators or Facilitators)

  • Group Coaching: two, 6-person modules

  • 1:1 Coaching for 12 Passionate Humans (Visionaries in-network) 

  • Strategic Human Capital Revisioning 


The Human Capital Program: +

12 Months

  • 12 Experiential Workshops

  • Coaching of 3 Human Investors (Hub Creators or Facilitators)

  • Group Coaching: two, 6-person modules

  • 1:1 Coaching for 12 Passionate Humans (Visionaries in-network)

  • Strategic Human Capital Revisioning

  • NextGen Programming

  • Thought Leader Series

  • Human Investment Retreat


“Carmen is delightful to work with and the daily mindfulness practices she customized to engage our Tory Burch Foundation Fellows resonated beyond measure. She is thoughtful and creative, and as an expert she takes the time to understand the client’s objectives which then produces measurable-and-energy-shifting results.

I would recommend Carmen to anyone looking to integrate mindfulness coaching particularly in professional environments to heighten consciousness, connectivity, and presence. She knows how to design the right ingredients to align head and heart spaces. I will most likely hire Carmen to work with me again because her methodologies are applicable for one-on-one coaching or groups. She is magnetic because of her authenticity, and that really sets her apart from many experts.

–Désirée Younge, VP Tory Burch Foundation


Experiential Workshops

◯  Ritualize Your Mornings & Evenings to Optimize Health

◯  Create High Performance with Rhythm & Flow

◯  Interrupt Stress & Activate Relaxation

◯  Transform Your Relationship with Food

◯  Discover New Rules of Posture

◯  Uncover Your Exponential Self

◯  Embody Authenticity, the Key to Your Vision & Health

◯  Harness Your Mind, Master Your Emotions

◯  Unleash the Power of a Leader’s Energy

◯  Embrace Self-Care & Banish Burnout


*Workshops also designed based on a Human Capital Assessment

Why Coaching for Human Investment Hubs?

A Human Investment Hub is a group of innovative people, Passionate Humans, who have come together to make a greater collective footprint. This can mean a start-up incubator, a network of entrepreneurs, a corporation, a foundation and its grantees. Human Investors are the creators and facilitators of these Hubs. Passionate Humans are the visionaries already using their gifts to make this world a better place. They're pushing the boundaries and need support in solving today's most complex problems. Without support, these Passionate Humans will burn out– and the Hub will deteriorate in relevance, impact, and scale. I take care of these Passionate Humans and equip them with tools to:

  • Feel inspired to innovate

  • Focus and manage time efficiently 

  • Be confident to lead and drive change

  • Embody health and vitality– and reduce stress

  • Prioritize reflection, strategic and creative thinking

  • Make clear decisions without overwhelm or fatigue