Tory Burch Foundation

I was hired to support 50 women entrepreneurs during Kickoff week of their Fellowship Program.


  • Created a safe container for sharing and learning.

  • Provided moments of mindfulness and reflection to enable women to absorb the energy and content of the intense week.

  • Opened and closed the week with inspirational sessions. Provided daily moments of mindfulness, movement, breathing, and visioning.

  • Small-group sessions on:

    • Vulnerability & Courage

    • Self-Care Practices

    • Compassionate Leadership

  • Each Fellow was offered one coaching session to address any major challenge in her business or life. 


Women greatly appreciated and valued the moments of mindfulness. Some decided to engage in longer-term coaching since they found it so helpful. Many shared that they continue to implement the practices they learned during Kickoff week and have even shared with their families. 

“Carmen is delightful to work with and the daily mindfulness practices she customized to engage our Tory Burch Foundation Fellows resonated beyond measure. She is thoughtful and creative, and as an expert she takes the time to understand the client’s objectives which then produces measurable-and-energy-shifting results. I would recommend Carmen to anyone looking to integrate mindfulness coaching particularly in professional environments to heighten consciousness, connectivity, and presence. She knows how to design the right ingredients to align head and heart spaces. I will most likely hire Carmen to work with me again because her methodologies are applicable for one-on-one coaching or groups. She is magnetic because of her authenticity, and that really sets her apart from many experts.”

–Désirée Younge, VP Tory Burch Foundation



Stars Foundation

I was hired to coach 15 Executive Directors and winners of an awards program across 15 countries in English and Spanish.


  • Provided 9, 60–minute sessions via Zoom over 7 months + access anytime via WhatsApp/email.

  • Coached on leadership, wellbeing, and executive burnout:

    • Clarified vision

    • Identified goals and blockers 

    • Provided homework + practices 

    • Custom-tailored an actionable Full Spectrum Life Vision

    • Grew skills in areas of greatest need 


Increased: self-awareness, clarity, focus, wellbeing, happiness, inner peace, delegation, and communication skills. 

Decreased: judgment, guilt, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, need for control, perfectionism, and negativity.

Executives felt more conscious, balanced, and effective as leaders. Improved many areas of their life: health, work, personal, relationships. Overall, felt like better human beings. Results were so positive, the goal is to incorporate coaching as an ongoing component of the awards program and publish an article for the broader field.

“I feel more positive and assertive. I followed all the suggestions made by Carmen. I gave more time for self care and it helped me in critical thinking, making clear decisions and most importantly to look on the fun side of what we do. I organized life spectrum, wellness session with our colleagues and they loved it. Now, we all have our personal and professional plan and we are more open and supportive with each other. Furthermore, we listen to each other and look forward to introducing programming for mental well-being.

“In my personal life, I started making more free time and leisure activities, as well as daily gratitude journal and experimented new ways to react to negative triggers. In my professional life, we started saying no to overburdening tasks and false opportunities. We started having more structured team and individual meetings, as well as wellbeing Fridays.”



LeadingAge Annual EXPO

Largest aging services conference in the country with 8,000+ attendees.

I conducted a session called, “The Power of a Leader’s Energy,” for 200+ leaders.


  • Workshop was 90–minutes:

    • 50% information sharing

    • 50% experiential: movement + participatory exercises

  • Invited participants to consider the powerful correlation between how a leader manages his / her energy and the overall tone, values, and culture of an organization.

  • Explored eastern philosophies, concepts, and practices that can be applied to personal growth leadership development. 


Participants recognized the positive influence a leader can have on their teams through the effective use of one’s personal energy.

“Best session of the conference.” “Very thought provoking.” “Came away with great things to share with my team.”

Good topic often ignored especially in this high increase in medical costs and lost work time world we live in.”

“This should be a keynote session.”

–Various Attendees



Exponential Medicine, Singularity University

Unique conference to explore the convergence of fast-moving technologies in the reinvention of health and medicine with 800+ attendees.

I gave a talk called, “Exponentially Human,” to 800+ world-class faculty, innovators, and organizations from across the biomedical and technology spectrum.


  • Talk was 15 minutes, TED talk style.

  • Discussed how the process to become exponentially human is not about what we become, it is about what we unbecome

  • Covered:

    • Top 3 sources of stress in the US

    • Cost of chronic disease— related to lifestyle, stress, diet— and its effect on individuals, corporations & the economy

    • Linked these to social determinants of health, which are huge predictors of health

    • Provided 3 concrete strategies to uncover your Exponential Self


Audience was inspired by what this all means for them on a day-to-day basis. Learned how to apply this to their lives as visionaries solving some of the most complex problems. Many people followed up and shared how important it was to have such a “human-centered” talk at a medical technology conference.

Watch “Exponentially Human”