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Assessment: Conference Design for Humans

I assess your event and deliver recommendations on how to make it more human, balanced, enjoyable, and most of all, more impactful for participants.


Conference Design for Humans

  • Experiential Design

  • Conscious Facilitation

  • Inspirational Sessions

  • Wellness Programming

  • Green Room Coaching

  • 1:1 Coaching


“What came through loud and clear is that the young women activists valued their time with you so much in Mexico for the Human Rights Funders Network Global Conference! They wanted more and longer sessions by the end of the week and found your presence invaluable. This was also the reflection of the Stars team, having you there was crucial and a huge support, something that no one had really thought of before and that does not happen very often (having a wellbeing expert available on call for a whole week!).”

–Stefano, Stars Foundation

Why Coaching for Conferences and Events?

Why do conferences make people shut down? Why do people waste the conference experience? It’s a shame– because tremendous amounts of resources are poured into them. I design events to maximize the human experience so that people can show up, enjoy, assimilate the information, and do something with it in the world.