3 Keys to Harness Your Energy

We all have gifts to contribute to this world that carry boundless reams of creative energy. Yet we don’t always know how to harness our energy effectively. To the contrary, we often restrict our own energy, which inhibits us from tapping into a higher intelligence and higher wisdom. We try to control things, which diminishes our true potential. What do we get? Suboptimal results. In fact, sometimes the results actually suck. How we harness our energy will affect absolutely everything in our life: work, love, food, health.

This is something I worked on myself with a previous business coach. She is an energy worker and helped me understand and harness my energy to tap into my highest self. This is what creates the richest results. I got crystal clear on how my mindset and energy exerted either supported my vision or detracted from it.

Here are 3 keys to harness your energy to create the richest results:

1) Embrace ABUNDANT THINKING (vs. scarcity thinking)

Business can get into survival mode. We constantly put our bodies into flight or fight mode. We stress ourselves out. We compete: “I need that project, that promotion, that pay raise!” (over someone else). We put our value and worth into someone else’s hands. This kind of thinking blocks energetic intelligence. It blocks soul intelligence. The reality is that the universe is abundant. This does not mean that we don’t work for what we want, but we do it from a place of abundance, not from a place of lack. We do it with intention. We create an intention for what we want to happen and then let life happen. We trust life. When we are curious, every experience becomes an opportunity to learn more, go deeper, become better - wiser, kinder, freer. We may fight hurdles along the way (bad projects, uncompassionate bosses, painful layoffs), but there is an abundant universe out there with WAY more years of experience than any of us. Trust its design.

2) Be a CREATOR vs. a perfectionist

I must be honest, this is where much of my personal work lies. I have a tendency to want to control things. What am I noticing? That it doesn’t serve me. It stresses me out more! When I'm in my true nature, I'm a Creator. Everything is much more effortless and flows more naturally. When this gets out of balance and ego gets involved, I become a perfectionist. I am always wanting to do more! I have learned that my autopilot way of thinking is MORE. Beyond my energy. This is exhausting. For many of us in high-stress cities (and type A personalities!), you may find that you relate! Of course you want to excel at everything you do.

When we try to control things, we restrict our energy. Our desire to control comes from a place of fear. We believe that if things are not the way we want them to be, they will fall apart (and hence we will fall apart). This is a false sense of security. As a culture, we don’t like not knowing. It’s uncomfortable. We have to practice not knowing – and practice being uncomfortable. “Knowing” binds us, it limits us. We want to control things in order to feel safe.

Safe does not produce magic.

There is a poem in Ram Dass’s book, Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita that I love:

The freer I get, the higher I go.

The higher I go, the more I see.

The more I see, the less I know.

The less I know, the more I’m free.

Wisdom is always working, we just can't always see it. It has to get through the fan of our minds. We must slow down and RELAX! We are designed to meet the moment! Yet most of us distrust this and disconnect from it. We feel like we need to survive vs. allowing our deeper, wiser soul to say “I’ve got this!” If we're aware and present with whatever is in front of us, we can trust that the soul will take over and wisdom will be revealed - that we will know how to respond vs. wanting to control everything. Universal intelligence is always in the field. We have access to it, we just need to relax and allow it to come through.

We want to come into our true nature as Creators and show up wholeheartedly vs. wholemindedly.


When we are generous (with our time, money, service), people relax. How often do you hear people say “I don’t like his energy?” We talk about energy all the time! When we have an experience of a person or place, we very quickly tap into the energy of it. Our entire bodies are made of cells that contain energy: protons, neutrons, electrons. A million chemical reactions are happening in our bodies nonstop! We are literally walking energy bombs.  So it makes sense that you can easily pick up on someone else’s energy.

This is why it is so important to work on your own energy - understand the type of energy you emit. When you are generous, people relax. It creates a sense of trust. When you approach anything, approach it with this type of energy. Ask yourself: “How can I be of greatest service here? How can I make the largest contribution?” The more you come at it from this place, the more natural, effortless, and good it will feel. This is what people respond to. They want the feeling of things - that is the energy they are seeking (even though they might think it’s the information). Ask yourself what experience people have from interacting with you. Is that the energy you want to put out into the world? You have the power to affect this. Cultivate this energy. Be generous. I promise, it will come back to you tenfold. This does not mean to not have boundaries or become a doormat. You can be generous AND smart.

Carmen Morcos