Do You Listen to Your Body?

The body is amazing. It will tell you exactly how it’s doing and what it needs. We just need to LISTEN. If we are in constant overdrive, we won’t hear it. Too often we push these messages aside because we’re too busy. We numb ourselves to pain or learn to deal with it. Chronic illness does not happen overnight. It happens little by little until one day you’re in crisis - and then it’s often too late. When you start to pay attention and get to know your body intimately, you will hear exactly what it’s telling you, and what you’re meant to do. 

Last year, I started experiencing different symptoms in my body and didn’t know where they were coming from. Severe nerve pain shooting down my arm. I tried a million things for months: massaging my neck, nerve gliding exercises, myofascial release - you name it. But it kept getting worse. In July, I started experiencing abdominal pains and pressure. Over time it got even worse. I thought maybe it was a UTI, so I started taking natural remedies. Nothing. More pain. So I went to Urgent Care. But lab results came back negative. I was so confused, and to be honest, scared. At the same time, my hamstring (which I had injured years before) got re-injured in yoga. I had been so careful, and yet I re-injured it. My plantar fasciitis from my bike accident last year wasn’t getting better. I felt like my body had stopped its ability to heal, and I didn’t understand why. I started researching and making connections. I learned about copper toxicity and the symptoms - many of which matched mine - including its negative effect on collagen formation, ligaments, and connective tissue. I read about other women's similar experiences. I had had a copper IUD inserted years ago. I had never had symptoms before. I went to see the OBGYN to get it removed and told her my theory. She dismissed it. But she did remove the copper IUD. Almost immediately, the most painful symptoms disappeared. Others, I believe, will just take time. We never tested anything - so I don’t know anything for sure. Was it copper toxicity? I don’t know, but I know my body feels MUCH better, not only physically, but energetically. For some reason, my body no longer accepted the IUD and was trying to tell me. And I listened. 

My invitation to all of you is to really check in with yourself and your body. How intimately do you know your body? No one will ever know your body the way you do. You can catch things before they get chronic and do something about it. I believe it’s so important for all of us to be empowered when it comes to our own health. The body is incredible. It’s our vessel for our experience of life, and we need to take care of it. It contains a lot of wisdom - and a lot of healing power. 

Carmen Morcos